Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Basement in Browns Mills, NJ

We were contacted by the homeowner after a storm caused his basement to flood. We extracted all the standing water and had to use specialty drying equipment to ... READ MORE

Thorofare NJ Mold Remediation

The owner of this property called us after he noticed discoloration on some drywall. He said that he previously had some water damage to his home and he thought... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

A commercial customer of ours was interested in having their carpet cleaned, but wasn’t sure if it could be saved or it needed to be replaced. The carpet ... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Lindenwold

Waking up and discovering your basement is flooded is never fun. Our homeowner called us in a panic one Saturday morning when he went into his wood shop (baseme... READ MORE

Lindenwold Flooded Basement

We were contacted by the insurance company after our customer had water damage to his property. A pipe had frozen and broke in his wall and created damage to hi... READ MORE

Margate City Mold Remediation

A local homeowner called us about a mold problem they were having in their vacation home in Margate City. The crawl space was constantly having water issues and... READ MORE

Blackwooc Commercial Mold Damage

A local apartment complex contacted us after they discovered mold in one of their units. Being a rental property, we recommended calling an Industrial Hygienist... READ MORE

Harrison Township Puff back

Our customer called us after they had a puff back due to a furnace malfunction. The multi-room fully finished basement had a light coating of soot on all surfac... READ MORE

Woodbury Fire Damage

Our customer called us after they had an oil furnace malfunction and a puff back occurred. There was an oily soot residue throughout the entire home. We cl... READ MORE

Sewage Cleanup in Clementon, NJ

A commercial customer called us after one of their residents in their apartment complex called about a toilet backup. When we arrived onsite, we learned that th... READ MORE