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Dryer Vent Cleaning

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning Multi-unit dryer vent cleaning.

We wash and dry our clothes on a regular basis, but do we stop and think about the dryer vents? Most of us keep the lint trap inside our dryer clean, unaware that there is another fire risk that is not so easy to check. About 80% of structural fires are caused by dirty or clogged dryer vents. Your vents should be cleaned at least once a year by a professional.

Warning signs that your dryer vents need to be cleaned are:

• Clothes are taking much longer than normal to dry. It will often take two or three cycles to dry them.

Clothes have a strange, burning smell to them. This could be a sign that your dryer vent isn’t properly able to ventilate the warm air out of the appliance.

•The laundry room feels excessively hot when the dryer is running. Again, this could be a result of a clogged vent that isn’t letting hot air escape.

Problems caused by a clogged dryer vent:

• Fires. The lint from your clothes can build up inside the dryer vent. This material is highly flammable and can cause a fire.

• Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. When the dryer vent is clogged, dangerous CO gases aren’t able to escape. Instead, they build up inside the vent and may seep out into the laundry room and into other areas of the home.

• Wear and tear on the dryer. When it takes two or three cycles to get your clothes dried, this puts a lot of strain on your dryer. It can lead to excessive wear and tear on the unit.

• Skyrocketing utility bills. A dryer that is running more often than it should to dry clothes will use a lot of energy. This will be reflected on your monthly utility bills.

If your dryer ever starts smoking, turn it off. Do not open the dryer door. Call 911.

To help prevent any dryer vent problems, call SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township every year to have them cleaned. (856)227-7800

Help Prevent Mold Growth

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Help Prevent Mold Growth Mold in Gloucester Township sun room.

Molds needs moisture, you're most likely to see mold in damp places such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and crawl spaces. Molds can also grow on your walls, floors, appliances, carpet, or furniture – they can all provide the food mold needs to grow.

It's impossible to get rid of all mold and mold spores in your home, but because mold spores can't grow without moisture, reducing moisture in your home is the best way to prevent or eliminate mold growth. If there is already mold growing in your Blackwood or Gloucester Township home, it's important to fix the problem causing the dampness, and then have the professionals at SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township come remove or remediate the mold. If you clean up the mold but don't fix the problem, the mold will most likely return.

Here is some advice for reducing moisture throughout the home with specific tips for the areas most prone to dampness and mold growth:

Around the house:

• Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

• Keep air conditioning drip pans clean.

• Add insulation to cold surfaces, such as exterior walls, floors, and windows to reduce condensation.

• Dry wet areas within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mold growth.

• Open doors between rooms to increase circulation.

In the kitchen:

• Use exhaust fans to move moisture outside.

• Check for leaks around the kitchen sink, refrigerator ice makers, and other sources of water.

• Empty and clean refrigerator drip pans if necessary.

In basements and crawl spaces:

• Put a plastic cover over dirt in crawl spaces.

• Be sure crawl spaces are well ventilated.

• Consider painting concrete floors and using area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpet in basements.

• Make sure gutters are working properly and that outdoor landscaping causes water to run away from -- not toward -- the house.

In the laundry room:

• Vent your clothes dryer to the outside.

• Make sure the vent is clear of obstructions.

In bathrooms:

• Use exhaust fans to remove moisture to the outside

• Check for leaks around basins and tubs and have them repaired if necessary.

• Open a window when showering.

• Avoid leaving damp towels on the floor or in laundry hamper.

In small amounts, mold spores are usually harmless, but when they land on a damp spot in your home, they can start to grow. If you suspect a mold problem in your home or business, call SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township for a free estimate. 856-227-7800. Don’t let a mold situation get out of hand. We are Here To Help.

Meter Use in Water Mitigation

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Meter Use in Water Mitigation These are the two primary types of moisture measurement.

Mold presents a serious health hazard. Mold can destroy building materials by extracting carbon-containing substances and using them as food. All organic matter can serve as a food source for mold: wood, wood-based products, plastics made from petroleum products, and building materials such as concrete and drywall. Mold grows on wet surfaces, in high relative humidity at moderate temperatures and gets its nourishment from the material on which it grows. To avoid mold, we can only control the wetness of the materials and the high humidity in the air. The only variables in the mold equation we can control are moisture and humidity. We usually do that by keeping buildings dry.

Disasters happen: a pipe breaks, a roof leaks, or floods occur, we need to act swiftly and remove the excess water before mold builds up. SERVPRO uses moisture meters and thermo-hygrometers to determine the extent of water damage, and later to check the drying progress, then last to confirm all excess water has been removed.

What is a meter?

Meters are defined as devices that provide a quantified representation of the amount of moisture present in material, either as moisture content or a moisture level. There are two primary types of moisture measurement used in the restoration industry: pin and non-invasive.

Non-invasive moisture measurement.

This method is good for completing a rapid initial investigation of the affected area and quickly allows the ability to map out excessive moisture in the property. This is a good search for moisture measurement that may not be available to measure with a pin type meter. This type has drawbacks and is generally not as accurate as a pin type meter.

Pin type meters.

Pin type resistance measurement is generally a more reliable method of moisture measurement in a wide range of building materials. It allows operators to add accessories such as deep wall probes and hammer electrodes, allowing diagnosis of moisture at different levels. Their built-in pins measure electrical resistance between the pins, which is affected by the moisture content in the material. The readings from this meter is used throughout the drying process.


Thermo-Hygrometers measure the output of the dehumidifiers. Measuring the humidity in the air both on the input and output of the dehumidifier in grains per pound allows us to calculate the drying rate as well as adjust the number of dehumidifiers on the job.

Moisture meters and thermo-hygrometers are necessary for water damaged surfaces. Knowing when the property is ready to be worked or finished often determines a project’s success or failure. You can trust SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township to professionally assess and dry your water damaged property.

Smoke Damage in Your Blackwood/Gloucester Twp. Home

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

What is smoke damage restoration?

Restoring a home after a fire requires a lot of work. One of the most involved parts of recovery is smoke damage restoration. Smoke damage restoration is an integral part of the process. Not only does it make the home presentable, but it removes harmful carcinogens and restores structural integrity. It is best to seek help from the Professionals at SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township when dealing with smoke damage.

While most don't realize it, there are multiple types of smoke. Our professionals can easily identify the types of smoke present and how to remove damage from a variety of materials. SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township is equipped for the job. They have the knowledge and tools to effectively remove smoke damage, regardless of the size and scope of the damage. We will be able to get the job done effectively. To get a better understanding about the process and how we can help, there are a few things homeowners need to know.

Assessing The Damage

Before any restoration work is completed, a fire damage assessment must be performed. This is an important part of the process. It helps determine the costs involved and the best way to approach the project. To get a proper assessment, homeowners should contact SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township and their insurance company. They look at the extent of the damage and calculate a cost based on how much work needs to be done. The final cost should cover cleaning the smoke, repairing structural damage, and restoring the home back to what it used to be.

The Restoration Process

SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township must begin working fast. While a fire may be put out, damage continues to occur well afterwards. One of the biggest problems faced immediately after a fire is mold and mildew growth. Due to the presence of water and heat, the home instantly becomes a breeding ground for fungi. Within 24 hours, harmful mold will begin to grow. It is important to halt this process as soon as possible. To stop this growth process, we will place dehumidifiers throughout the home. The dehumidifiers absorb water in the air, ultimately bringing the humidity level down and stopping growth.

Since a home has a number of different surfaces, they must use the appropriate cleaner to do the job effectively. These cleaners remove soot and smoke to reveal a clean surface. SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township also uses deodorizers to remove the pungent smell that is left behind. If not cleaned properly, a home can wreak of smoke well after a fire. With deodorizers, the smell is removed. Throughout the entire process, workers will salvage as much as they can. Everything else will need to be repaired or replaced.

Smoke damage restoration isn't an easy task and should be left to the professionals at SERVPRO. We use heavy-duty equipment to get the job done, ensuring that the restoration job is thorough. With the help of SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township, homeowners can recover and return to their normal lives. We help make it “Like it never even happened."

Meet Collin

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

Collin is part of our Production Crew at SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township. Collin is always eager to work and brings a great attitude with him everyday. He is new in the restoration field and is excited and willing to learn the ins- and -outs of the business. He has been with the company for 6 months now and has experienced a lot of different restoration scenarios. He enjoys the variety of work that comes our way. He plans to further his education here with the certification classes offered. Collin likes to watch sports and spend time with his friends and family. Welcome to our family, Collin!

How To Manage Mold

4/19/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How To Manage Mold Water damage not attended to lead to this mold growth.

Molds are found in every environment, and mold spores reproduce rapidly when moisture is present. Molds have a potential for health concerns and this is one important reason to prevent moisture problems that lead to mold growth. Possible health effects include runny nose, sneezing, couching, aggravation of asthma, sore throat or sinus problems.

Intrusion of water into your home or place of business can result in mold growth. Water intrusions can result from storm damage, plumbing or equipment failures, long-standing leaks, and poor humidity control. When water intrusions are not addressed right away, the resulting damage can present increased risk of harmful mold growth. If the humidity and moisture levels in a water-damaged environment are not promptly returned to normal, mold spores may grow and multiply.

SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township Professionals handle water damage every day and know prompt action is required to prevent mold growth. If you are experiencing an ongoing moisture problem in you home or office be alert for:

• The presence of visible mold.

• Strong musty odors.

• Any evidence of past moisture problems.

• Excessive humidity.

These conditions may require the expertise of the Professionals at SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township to inspect the building for mold growth and/or water damage problems. Contact us to protect your health and your property.

SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township is Here To Help. 856-227-7800.

Managing Sewer Damage

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Managing Sewer Damage Sewer damages does not have to be a nightmare.

Cleaning up areas of your home after flooding and sewer damage is awful no matter what, but cleaning up the bathroom can be especially tedious. If you ever face a sewage backup in your bathroom, there are a few things that are helpful to know to speed proper cleanup and ensure a safe and sanitary home in Blackwood/Gloucester Township.

Call for Help

If you suspect you have damaged sewer lines, call your sewage company to schedule an inspection. To protect your home from future mold or rot issues after a toilet overflow, call the experts at SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township. Only with the help of professional water removal specialists can you rest assured that floodwater has not crept into places you can’t see to wreak havoc.

Dry the Area

Though you may be tempted to sanitize your bathroom immediately after a toilet overflows, you should not do so before you start drying out the affected area. Whether you are dealing with a flooded toilet or an entire flooded basement, the first thing you should do is utilize heavy duty vacuums, drainage systems and fans to remove all the water.


After drying the area, sanitize it as best you can. Floodwater resulting from sewer damage can be toxic, so be thorough in your cleaning processes. Once the area is dry from the first round of sanitizer, you should plan to disinfect it one more time.


The presence of excess water in a bathroom often welcomes lingering humidity, which only encourages mold growth in spaces affected by sewer water. During the process of drying, sanitizing and restoring, you should be sure that a dehumidifier is always running.

Cleaning up the aftermath of sewer damage doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By getting ahead start on the problem and calling in the professionals, you can have your home clean and dry again in no time.

Call SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township 24/7 for water emergencies. 856-227-7800

We are Here to Help make it "Like it never even happened"

SERVPRO Helps Blackwood/Gloucester Township Businesses

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

After a water emergency strikes in a commercial building, you own your immediate concerns involve both personal losses along with the added stress and responsibility to get all of your tenants back in business or living comfortably in your units again. SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township offers the resources locally and on a national level to rehabilitate even a complex commercial water damage scenario.

Although burst pipes or a roof leak may start in a confined area of your office building, apartment complex or warehouse space, the resultant flood and seepage of water can spread far from the original breach. Many if not all of the businesses or residents renting from you are in peril of losing personal and professional property as well as their means to make a living if you do not take immediate steps to solve your Blackwood/ Gloucester Township commercial water damage. Even if the water overflow can be traced to the negligence of a tenant, you as the owner are charged with the task of protecting your building and fixtures and ensuring that all those who live in or operate a business within your commercial property have the use and quiet enjoyment of their leased premises quickly restored.

SERVPRO understands how important it is to limit the downtime of your and your tenants’ business operations. We make every effort to clean and dry the structure quickly, staging the restoration process with an eye to reestablishing business operations even before the entire remediation is accomplished if appropriate and safe. Preventing secondary damage from contaminated water is a major goal, made more attainable if we are involved as soon as possible in the process. Our services for you and your tenants can also include a pack out and detailed inventory of documents soaked by the water. We follow up with our state of the art procedures for saving and drying paperwork, books, pictures and other crucial work products you and your lessees may have feared would be lost due to the water infiltration.

SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township is available 24/7 for water damage emergencies. The sooner we are aware of a loss, the quicker we can start the restoration process, and that much faster your businesses can reopen and tenants can get back into their homes.

If A Storm Hits: Be Prepared.

4/3/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage If A Storm Hits: Be Prepared. Be Prepared with a Storm Emergency Checklist

Storms can cause damage fast and require you and your family to seek shelter or leave your home. It is important to be prepared if this happens. Having an emergency plan as well as an emergency kit can help. Be prepared for storm damage by keeping necessary items centrally located in your home. Take the time to ensure that everyone in your family is aware of the "kit." Periodically check your kit to see that batteries operate properly. The following is a list of items that are suggested to keep on hand:

• Water (one gallon per person per day)

• Food (non-perishable 3-day supply)

• Manual can opener

•Battery operated radio, preferably a NOAA Weather Radio

• Flashlight and extra batteries

• First aid kit Whistle to signal for help

• Dust masks

• Plastic sheeting, garbage bags and duct tape

• Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities

•Important documents (copies of insurance policies, identification & bank account information)

• Cash Fire extinguisher

• Matches in a waterproof container

Please follow our tips outlined in the Water & Storm Damage Tips—Until Help Arrives Guide to protect yourself and your property.

SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township is locally owned and operated—we are a part of the community. We are also part of a national network of over 1,700 Franchises, which enables us to respond quicker with more resources. For major storms and disasters, we can call upon special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

4/1/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Carpet Cleaning Apartment carpet cleaning between tenants.

Large carpeted areas in commercial buildings can be difficult to keep up with. Hi traffic areas get dirty fast. Apartments, Senior living facilities, child day care centers, churches, schools and general office buildings could all benefit from a good SERVPRO carpet cleaning.

Having your carpets and rugs cleaned makes for a nice appearance for your customers. The dust, dirt, and other debris that finds its way into the carpet fibers can eventually get into the air where it can cause odors and even respiratory infections. So therefore having your carpets and rugs professional cleaned improves the air quality of the office/building.

Rented carpet cleaning machines are not always effective as they are used over and over by many different people and clean with harsh chemicals that leave an unpleasant smell and a residue in the carpet that attracts even more dirt and debris.

It is always better to hire professionals like SERVPRO for that reason alone. SERVPRO offers a low-moisture method of cleaning as well as a dry carpet cleaning (an absorbent compound is worked into the carpet with a counter rotary brush). Our technicians are trained in spot and stain removal for various types of carpets and are an IICRC® Certified Firm. 

The best advice is to clean carpets before they become totally saturated with soil. If you wait until carpets look really dirty, the carpets may never be restored to their former appearance. Dirt builds up in layers, and when a carpet looks dirty you are only seeing the dirt at the tips of the fibers. More dirt is hiding below the surface down near the base of the pile, causing damage to the carpet.

SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township offers free quotes for carpet cleaning. We can come out, measure, give you a quote. We have a very flexible schedule and can usually get you scheduled the week you call. Call us at 856-227-7800 for a quote.