Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Voorhees Mold Damage

Our customer contacted us after they had some damage to their home after a storm. Some shingles and flashing were damaged and created an entry for water into their home. This picture shows some of the containment used during the mold remediation process.

Blackwood Mold Remediation

This is an image of drywall with visable discoloration. Anytime drywall has mold growth, it needs to be removed as it provides a food source. Often times, improper drying after a water damage will lead to mold growth and more damage and cost.

Mold in Woodbury, NJ

This picture is of the family room in a split level home in Woodbury that was on the market for sale. The crawlspace has a sump pump installed, but it was not functioning properly. The home suffered water damage and went undiscovered for quite some time. Water wicked up the drywall and into the insulation. The high moisture in the home and the water was a perfect environment for mold to grow. For this property, we had to remove the wood paneling, drywall walls, insulation and carpet that was covered in mold. We followed a professional protocol and cleaned all remaining wood structure and the floor and remediated the mold problem.

Glendora Mold Remediation

Our customer called us after he had a flood in his basement. He was out of town for an extended period of time and came home to over 3 feet of water in his basement. With the warm weather, there was high humidity in the house and there was visible growth in almost every room.

Blackwood Mold Remediation

Got basement mold problems? Mold is not a problem for us. In this project, we had to remove affected building materials and clean all contents. Once the contents were cleaned, we moved them to a clean area in the basement and wrapped them in plastic and sealed them to the floor so no further contamination could occur.

Mold Remediation

Here is a picture of one of our technicians in full PPE (personal protection equipment) hepa-vacuuming a house during a mold remediation. Safety is main concern to us, not just for our employees but for our customers as well. Wearing proper safety equipment helps to maintain the health of our employees. When completing jobs, such as a mold remediation, it is important to properly install containment to section off the affected area and posting signs that alert people to know not to enter. We also use an air scrubber/ negative air machine to help with air quality in and around the affected area.