Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Clementon, NJ Mold Damage

This Clementon, NJ house was purchased as a flip property. There was mold damage in the basement that had to be removed before any renovations could begin. Our SERVPRO crew removed all of the walls then did a three stage process. Where we HEPA vacuum on all surfaces, followed by a SERVPRO cleaning solution and finished off with another HEPA vacuum.

Sicklerville Pool Leaks Into Walk Out Basement.

This Sicklerville, NJ family’s pool busted in their yard, sending water and algae into their finished basement. This type of water is a category 3 water, which means all surfaces must be removed. All floors and carpets were removed and the walls cut up 2’ high. SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township spent a couple of days there removing content and drying the area.

SERVPRO of Blackwood assists with Hurricane Florence Clean Up.

Hurricane Florence hit the east coast with its full force in September. The amount of damage caused surpassed what the local franchisees could handle, which is when Storm was activated. SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township packed up trucks and equipment and sent a crew to North Carolina to assist the Storm Team in clean up.  Our crew was there a month doing work in Southport, Oak Island, Supply and Bolivia.

SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Twp.-Apartment Clean Out in Clementon, NJ

This is just one room of an apartment clean out that SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Twp. did in Clementon, NJ. The tenants were evicted and left a terrible mess for the property manager to deal with. Our SERVPRO team cleaned out the content and removed the rugs and kitchen floors. We were able to get this unit ready for the new tenant to move in. "Like it never even happened"

SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township Crew

Meet the SERVPRO of Blackwood/Gloucester Township Crew, from left to right, Will,Dave,Marie,Donna,Fred,Lynne,Wayne,Shannon and Jake. Dave and Fred are the owners. Wayne is our Production Manager. Shannon is our Crew Chief, Jake and Will are our Production Technicians. Marie is our Office Manager.Donna is our Marketing Support Coordinator. Lynne is our Marketing Manager and the face of SERVPRO  Blackwood /Gloucester Township.

Mold in Erial,NJ basement.

Black mold found in Erial, NJ basement. There was a pipe break that went unnoticed for a long time. The mold situation here was very bad, there were mushrooms growing out of the carpet. All content had to be removed as well as several walls.